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Being in touch with heaven means that you are in touch with your inner source of power, the divine, and in touch with your intuition. You are in connection with grace, also with the angels or the ascended masters.

This energy is also in you. This gives you security and trust. You feel the power of your heart and your true being.

So you can, even in unpleasant situations, stay present and connected, feel your emotions and act consciously.

This gives you inner freedom, even when things get rough and uncomfortable outside.

In the seminar you will:
• Recognize what is blocking your intuition and transform it
• Learn to listen to your heart and your intuition
• Strengthen your self-confidence
• Connect with your inner source
• Transform blocking beliefs and ancestral patterns
• Pick-up new perspectives and ways of dealing with problem situations
• Feel a new lightness and joy of life.


Jakobuscenter, Von-Ossietzky-Str. 4, 48151 Münster, Germany


16./17. March 2024


Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 11 am to 6 pm


Regular: 310 €
Early bird until 01.02.2024: 270 €
Couples: 260 €
Students: 170 €

Number of qualifying PoV days



Gabi Menke, phone: 0251-897078

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