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Torsten Konrad

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Welcome to the free English morning sessions on Zoom-Audio

This English speaking, closed eye process allows you to reconnect with yourself and reboot your aliveness on all levels. You will be able to enjoy the fun and ease of self-experience, embodiment, transformation and raise in consciousness. You will learn a practice of building up a relaxed connection to yourself, your experiences and the world that allows you to start the day in a more relaxed and centered way, with less inner and outer pressure and dissociation.


Every Thursday morning 07:00 to 08:00, German time

What you need to participate is

• a comfortable & warm seat with a solid backrest
• enough pillows or rolls
• good internet connection
• headset
• water
• Zoom-App

Registration is appreciated to inform us about your participation, but not mandatory. There is no charge for these sessions.




“Right after the beginning, I could always feel, how deep my mind is. At the same moment, I could feel the entire body. I still use this approach in my „normal“ life and realize enjoy, how quick it helps me to get relaxed. At the middle of the sessions my usually precise feeling of time switched off and time didn’t exist anymore till the end of the session. I enjoyed this feeling very much. Week for week, being more balanced and grounded after the sessions, I am able to master daily challenges with more tranquillity and joy.” D.B.

More information

This offer is a contemplative, guided inner work through direction and sound. We will also work on the quality and ease of the sitting position. As with all of Torsten’s seminars, this event offers a very specific frequency differing from other events by the access to calm and deep levels of relaxedness.

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on December 27, 2023 7:51 pm

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