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Unity in diversity – online workshop with a credit of 3.5 PoV days

Do you stand by your and your partner’s uniqueness? Or do you prefer to be like others, hold yourself back by how you should and shouldn’t be?

For us, unity in diversity stands for the uniqueness of everyone. We know that we all have the same gifts and qualities but everyone explores them in an individual way. Through each of us, LOVE is expressed in a unique way. In this individual expression lies the diversity of a community and its wholeness.

Comparing, evaluating, competition… are what keeps us from LOVE. The dynamic of all this is specialness and separation from those around us. We copy from each other, want to have what the other has, or to be like the other, or that our partner is different, or as we would like things to be… These are the separating ideas of the EGO, which is offered to us instead of equality and equivalence.

We are all of equal value because we all come from the same divine source, which is LOVE. We all have the same gifts but no expression of one gift is the same as another. There are as many ways to express love as there are snowflakes…

To the extent that we compare ourselves, evaluate ourselves, impose rules on each other… we limit our individuality, creativity and the richness and abundance that life has to offer us.

What makes our Psychology of Vision coaching team so powerful is that healing is expressed through each of us in an individual and unique way.

To make this diversity available we unite for the first time in this seminar. We cordially invite you to explore what your uniqueness is and how you can make it living. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Time schedule:
Thu, 11.02.2021: 18.30 – 21.30 hours
Fri, 12.02.2021: 10:00 – 19:00 hours
Sat, 13.02.2021: 10:00 to 19:00 hours
Sun, 14.02.2021: 10:00 to 18:00 hours
The times given include breaks and lunch break.

Regular seminar price: 450,00 €
Early bird until 31.12.2020: 390,00 €
Pair price per person: 370,00 €
Pupils/students/unemployed: 250,00 €

Who we are:
Susanne Ernst (Switzerland, Solothurn)
With her compassion, Susanne has accompanied and supported people for more than 30 years with the Psychology of Vision and teaches as a Level 3 trainer.

Her students love her because she gives herself completely and is their best friend. Her humorous power and drive provide a safe and competent healing space. No matter what happens, she never gives up and embodies the principle that there is a healing and loving solution for every challenge and problem.

Torsten Konrad (Germany, Cologne)
Torsten is known for being surrounded by courage and beauty and for leading people to incredible fun while diving deep into the depths of healing. He sees his students as they really are. Magical abilities to bring miracles support Torsten in leading and connecting heaven and earth. His high sensitivity and awareness enable him to listen and tune in to all levels connected to different worlds to create a higher consciousness and to follow the divine guidance without compromise.

Ute Baues (Germany, Kroschenbroich)
Ute loves to share enthusiasm, joie de vivre, lightness and femininity in her coaching sessions and workshops and strives for deep healing. Her participants love Ute’s infectious, enthusiastic radiance. She seems to understand everyone and everything, making students feel safe and comforted. She manages to open spheres that few people would go to without effort. Her uncompromising commitment to light, her naturalness, her optimism, her humorous wisdom, and her unicorn energy bring a lot of grace and wonder.

Silvia Stiessel (Germany, Dresden)
Silvia has a great talent for understanding and translating people’s soul connections. She is a wise seer with clear visions of what is and should be. Her clarity intensifies her guidance and gives security. Her logical approach to the spiritual helps people to become aware of their uniqueness. Her enthusiasm turns her sparkling heart into a messenger of truth. Her vision is to live in a loving world where people always meet each other in love. To achieve this, she strengthens her talent to recognize soul beings and to connect others with her true self.

Ute Wiemann (Switzerland, Thun)
Ute is full of love and depth. Her fine humor and her joy of life are contagious. There is no dark place that remains hidden from her sensitivity. She has the courage and the power to bring these places into our consciousness. Her love for the divine brings holiness back to these places and enables us to see them in the light. Ute’s vision is a world that is unconditionally forgiven. In return, she is ready to bring forth the truth behind all obstacles, to walk lovingly and tenderly together into the future.

Gerd Kühnen (Germany, Bühl)
Gerd is full of humor and laughter. His high degree of empathy enables him to feel and transform everything into love that is ready to come to the surface. Gerd possesses the courage that is important to address what one would rather not hear. But exactly in this there are enormous chances for healing, which otherwise would remain deeply hidden. Thus, he supports his participants in discovering more and more their true self.

Information and registration: 
Please contact Ines Rauscher: phone 0611-16850358 or pov@fluss-der-liebe.de

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