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Unveil Your Level of Mastery to Propel Yourself Forward from the New Year

Welcome to the Mastery Programs – an immersive and transformative expedition designed to empower you to achieve your personal and soul goals and delve into the deepest realms of your mind. If you have successfully completed the Psychology of Vision 100-Day Program, this year-long experience is tailored to support your growth and development. Whether you aspire to become a Trainer or simply want to continue your healing journey, there’s a Mastery level aligned with your calling.

Are you ready to embark on a reflective journey, one that awakens your inner brilliance and invokes miracles while understanding that the outcomes are nurtured by your willingness to evolve and focus? The world class Mastery Programs stand as an invitation—an opportunity to access your latent potential and collaborate in shaping a life of fulfilment.

Join us in 2024 for an exploration of self and transformation. Find the level of Mastery that resonates with your heart and glide into the new year with purpose. Always remember, the ability to shape the desired life rests within you.

Mastery – Original

Discover the Power Within You to Create The life you Desire in 2024

The Mastery – Original program serves as the inception of your journey—a juncture for self-discovery and empowerment. Witness growth as you navigate the depths of your mind and heart, you have the opportunity of aligning yourself with the flow of abundance.

Embark on Personal Growth: Immerse yourself in a 10-day exclusive Mastery Training Program to kick start the year. Join us from January 25th to February 3rd, 2024, online for an experience that will set the tone and foundation for your transformative journey.

A Spectrum of Insight: Connect with Chuck and the senior PoV Trainers each month through uplifting 2-hour webinars. Immerse yourself in the wisdom that fuels personal evolution throughout the year.

Nourishing Community: Embrace the year-long support from a buddy and a small group with an experienced guide. Forge connections within a supportive community as you embark on this profound journey of self-discovery.

Exclusive Mastery Offer: 50% off any personal sessions with Chuck

Key Details


10-day exclusive Mastery Training Program seminar: January 25th to February 3rd

Western Sessions
09:00am to 12noon Hawaii time – in English with German translation

Asian Sessions
15:00pm to 18:00pm Hawaii time – in English with Mandarin & Japanese translation available

Participants can participate in one or both of the above daily sessions.

Feminine Sessions
20:00pm to 23:00pm Hawaii time
These daily sessions will focus on the feminine side of PoV and will be taught by Chuck and Senior PoV Trainers from around world. Learn and integrate ideas across cultures to expand your horizons. Embrace a mindset that transcends cultural boundaries, fostering shared growth.


  • 2-hour monthly webinars
  • 50% off any personal sessions with Chuck

Invest in your journey for US$4,500

For those seeking deeper transformation, the Advanced Mastery Program awaits.

Advanced Mastery

Elevate Your Journey. Empower Your Transformation. Discover Advanced Mastery.

For deeper transformation, embrace the Advanced Mastery Program. Building on Mastery Original, it offers:

Additional Insights: Engage in a second monthly webinar for profound teachings and guidance.

Personal Empowerment: Private sessions with Chuck and Senior PoV Trainers address challenges and expedite progress.

Soul-Deep Workshops: Immerse in two 3-day workshops, transmuting challenges into growth opportunities.

Chuck’s personal message: “The inception of the Advanced Mastery Program stemmed from recognizing that our original Mastery offering, while potent, might not encompass all needs. In our ever-evolving world, the quest for profound growth gains precedence as we navigate collective challenges.

Key Details

Additional to everything included in Mastery – Original plus

  • 2nd monthly webinars
  • private sessions with Chuck and Senior PoV Trainers
  • 2 x 3-day workshops

Invest in your journey: US$12,200

For more information on Advanced Mastery click here.

Elite Mastery

Embrace your Personal Accelerated Transformation.

🌟 Personalized Guidance: Chuck and Senior Trainers offer tailored wisdom in two monthly sessions, igniting your unique journey.

🌟 Accelerated Evolution: Dive into the Elite Mastery Program—a sanctuary for spiritual and relationship growth. Unlock the gifts of heightened consciousness on a swift path.

🌟 Apply for Invitation: Exclusively for committed individuals. Express your soul’s yearning in your application. Tailored for individuals devoted to their healing journeys, seeking rapid growth.

🌟 Exclusive Elite Salon: Engage in illuminating online seminars—the Elite Salon. Deepen your transformation through profound discussions.

Chuck’s empowering insight: “The Elite Mastery Program is a sacred passage for those truly committed to their soul’s evolution. This accelerated path is reserved for those who have allowed themselves enough of their destiny to have the abundance of time, money, and vision to claim this accelerated path of a fast track to Heaven on earth now.

Key Details

Additional to everything included in Mastery – Original and Advanced Mastery plus

  • 2nd private session with Chuck and Senior Trainers each month
  • 2 x exclusive Elite Salon 1-day seminars

Invest in Your Path: $22,000

To embark on Your Journey: Apply Now. To start your journey to personal growth submit your application by January 1st, 2024. Illuminate your path. Are you ready?

Step into Mastery. Embrace Your Potential. Illuminate.

For more information on Elite Mastery click here

For further questions email welcome@psychologyofvision.com

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