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Wake up call for joy – you are essential

Imagine we can get up every day and be happy.
Imagine that we have the decision-making power to invite joy into our lives.
Imagine that everything is a dream and that we dream better and better dreams through healing. Imagine if we succeed in going beyond them. When awakening becomes our goal, we can choose to take responsibility and wake up.

Then what happens is happiness and joy, we are one with our experience and in the flow. That is peace, the origin of love, abundance and success.

The more joy we share with others, the more it will bring people closer together. The joy of the world is incomplete without your joy – YOU are essential!

Imagine walking three days in the comfort of a group of people, taking steps together to realize that joy and lust for life are the natural state of life.

Dates: Hawaii 21st to 23rd May / Europe 21st to24th May

Hawaii times:
Friday 21st May 8am to 11am and 8pm to 11pm
Saturday 22nd May 8am to 11am and 8pm to 11pm
Sunday 23rd May 8am to 11am and 8pm to 11pm

This post was written by Linda Sankey

Posted on on February 25, 2020 8:36 pm

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