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Your destiny is happiness – and so much more – out with the bad and in with the good

What is your destiny? – To be who you are. From your being radiates all good things, that is true happiness.

Happiness comes from our sense of value and innocence and brings out our charm and irresistibility. We experience the power of intuition and are inspired to rediscover our empathy in unexpected ways.

Chuck effortlessly takes us to places of heartbreak, guilt and valuelessness that are unconscious to us with his humorous style. We learn to take responsibility and to forgive in an easy way. Thus we reach more peace and happiness. He reminds us that all the things that sometimes make us give up, such as despair, meaninglessness, pain and the underlying fear, can be healed.

We will learn that when we let go of all the fear, and let it out of us, our life’s purpose and destiny is fulfilled with happiness and love. How happy you are shows how much you are living your purpose.

In the security of the group, supported by many experienced trainers, we gain the playful confidence to show our true being. We open up the kindness, fun and humor within us and leave our embarrassment behind.

Chuck will walk with us step by step from partnership to our life purpose, to our destiny, to where our attraction and kindness invites abundance. We will feel the rhythm of life and vibrate in the harmony of things, that is true happiness.

Take a look at these short invitation videos:
Chuck’s personal invitation and preview for your 8 days path to happiness

The German speaking trainers invite you

Session times:
Friday 1st July: 15:00 check in, 16:00 – 19:00 CET
Saturday 2nd July till Friday 8th July: 10:00 – 19:00
Saturday 9th 10:00 – 13:00

Lunch, other breaks between sessions and groupwork will be agreed and announced throughout the day

Chuck´s work is process-oriented and therefore doesn´t always follow the schedules. We recommend reserving the free time for yourself and avoiding any further appointments if possible.

Only 45 seats are available for this event.

Regular price 8 day Seminar € 2000
Price for couples € 1800
100-day graduates € 1600 (Click here for more information about this special pricing)

Conference costs €480 (Seminar location, breaks, lunch)

VILLA RISSEN Hamburg, Rissener Landstraße 193, D 22559 Hamburg, Germany


A limited number of rooms have been reserved, single rooms at € 105 and double rooms at € 145, each, including breakfast. Booking online is possible after the seminar booking.

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