Psychology of Vision

The Psychology of Vision (PoV) Trainer Program is a creative group of like-minded transpersonal healers. Our Trainers around the world are available to guide you to emotional awareness, and be the catalyst for permanent change in your life.

We are a global community of Trainers, dedicated to helping others with their lives by continually healing ourselves. We are the heart and soul of the PoV community, and the providers of the PoV experience through our seminars, one to one sessions and programs.

Meet Our Trainers


Our Trainers are culturally diverse and committed to working together to bridge our differences. What better way could there be to help others than by learning how to do that bridging ourselves? Psychology of Vision work goes deeper than culture, ancestry and gender.

Our Trainers are dedicated to the establishment of our local and global communities by healing our first group patterns, our family patterns. We use our Trainer group to develop community-building skills by healing our deep family patterns. Learning such skills prepares us for any conflict resolution work.

Each Is

Every PoV Trainer is unique, because Psychology of Vision work helps us become more and more our authentic selves. Our work is a purification process for becoming who we promised to be.

Trainers’ yearly requirements include attending an annual 10-day Trainers’ conference. Every year we are also required to attend a PoV seminar of at least 5 days, taught by a Master Trainer; every other year the seminar must be a 10-day Apprenticeship delivered by the founders. Each Trainer is mentored monthly by a more senior Trainer, and is also processed bi-monthly by a peer. We meet virtually, every month as a community in order to work together and heal our issues.



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