Things needed to change. Deep down you know that there’s got to be a better way and that’s what Alex discovered for herself.

Having spent many outwardly successful years in shipbroking, international marketing management at a multi-national company and later in ceramic conservation running her own studio, Alex found herself still yearning for more. Her personal experience with the PoV model was so transformative she became a Trainer.

Combining her business skills and healing experience with humour, fun, wisdom and strong communication skills, Alex can help you gain the tools and wisdom to experience more success, ease and enjoyment.

A good listener, balanced with compassion and sensitivity, her trainings and coachings get to the root of issues and resolve them permanently.

Alex gives workshops, one-to-one sessions and runs several programmes a year, both in person and online, in the UK and internationally.

The R2O program, crafted by Alex and fellow Trainer Francine Girard, is a cutting-edge initiative. It guides participants from foundational concepts, comprehending the initial phases of the PoV Triangle, and fundamental joining techniques to Chuck and Lency’s latest and most revealing insights. This journey delves into the concealed and profound recesses of the unconscious mind, aiming to reach the pinnacle of one’s self—attaining the utmost joy and connection. Check with Alex when she will be facilitating this program again.

Alex lives near Oxford, UK

“Alex is empathic, compassionate, insightful and firm. Everything you need in a coach.” – Jack Ashton

“Alex – joyful, patient, wise, comforting, kick-ass, reassuring and fun!!!” – Hazel Scott

Alex regularly facilitates workshops and courses, for details please see below.

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