With her intuition, humor and courageous, open heart, Berit guides people back to their essence. The strong connection with heaven and the rootedness in Mother Earth creates a safe space for healing and playful transformation. Thanks to her diverse life experience, Berit brings creativity, love and an impressive lightness to her work. Her tender wildness enables troubled souls to find courage and strength for their live. Exploring healing sacred spaces has given her a deep natural knowledge of connection and wisdom.

Berit has been an enthusiastic Psychology of Vision practitioner since 2015 and a Level 1 trainer since 2024. She has two grown-up sons, most of whom she raised alone. Berit is a nurse and has worked in many different fields such as surgery, lung diseases and in a psychotherapy clinic. She currently works in the outpatient psychosocial service and supports people with mental health problems. Many years of participation in shamanic ceremonies, life dance, singing and drumming groups  complement her way of working.

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