Psychology of Vision Trainer. Financial planner.

Emiko started learning Psychology of Vision in 1994. She integrated her experience in working with banks and accounting firms with Psychology of Vision, she developed an original brand of money counseling focusing on the relationship between mind and money. She also offers sessions on romance, relationships, parenting, education, money, etc. so that people can live a rich life.

She has unraveled the relationship between money and mind, and has produced steady results through consultations with many people from asset management to debt repayment.

In addition, based on her own experience of 25 years of marriage, she consults on various matters that occur in people’s life.

25 years of career in seminar management and she is a genius of community development.

In addition to giving lectures on the relationship between money and mind, she gives training at asset management companies and marriage agencies. As a lecturer and counselor, she has over 3,000 students.

Books: “Money Therapy” “Good Fortune Woman Therapy”


At Emiko’s seminar, the story of money and marital relationships was very interesting and I learnt the importance of investing in my partner. I was surprised to find out that I did not give to my partner. Putting my partner first has changed our relationship. (Tomoko Watanabe, Local government officer, Japan)


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