Gerd is happily married to Dr. Christiane Kühnen, who is a paediatrician in Bühl, Germany. If you would ask him about his profession he would probably say „househusband“ and father because he so much likes taking care of their 14 year-old daughter and preparing meals every day.

But he also has been coaching and giving seminars for the last 8 years, sharing what he has learnt from 6 years in the PoV Mastery Program and in his life. He is passionate about becoming emotionally mature and feeling what is hiding underneath.

Before becoming a PoV Trainer, Gerd ran a shoe retail company with 13 shops, worked as a Scuba Diving Instructor and was teaching marshal arts in his own WingTsun-schools.

Since 15 years-old Gerd has worked with children and young adults in camp sites, teaching them about leadership skills for the German DLRG (German life saving organization).

He loves to laugh and cherishes a good cry and he will never fail to help you feel what is ready to come up.

You can count on him telling you the things you don’t want to hear but are so important for your opportunity to heal and become more of your true self.

Gerd is highly empathic, sensitive and will do video or audio sessions in English or German.

Please contact Gerd directly on:

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