Hiromi is a successful trainer and therapist with over 30 years of experience. Over the years, she has provided counselling and Psychology of Vision seminars throughout Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, and China.

Hiromi was the first Psychology of Vision Master Trainer in the world and owner of a successful seminar company in Japan. She devotes herself to the Redemption of Feminine and is committed to producing leaders who make great contributions to the world.

She is also an expert in healing emotions and relationships and teaches oneness in her own words. Helping participants heal through deep subconscious and unconscious minds; many people transform their lives in her workshops.

She is a symbol of a woman who is successful in business as well as happy and being loved. Many women around the world have been inspired by her.

Hiromi has written many best-selling books such as “Seven ways to make your husband into an ideal partner” and “The most powerful happiness theory for girls”.


We were worried about our relationship, but when we joined Hiromi-san’s seminar together, she deeply understood both of our feelings and our relationship has improved a lot. She empathized and accepted us so our self-worth increased. We were able to start all over again as a couple. Johnny & Tina, Business owner, Shanghai.


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