Joyce was born in Taiwan and went to Hong Kong to work in 1988. She started learning POV from Chuck in 1997, graduated from POV 100-day program in 2005, and became a PoV trainer in 2007. For more than a decade, she has been teaching a two-day workshop every 45 days and a three-hour growth course every week.

She perfectly integrates PoV with Buddhism and Chinese sinology, not only allowing every student to apply what they have learned in daily life, but also leading everyone to live out the spirit of PoV in daily life. For many years, Joyce has been actively participating in assisting disadvantaged group in Taiwan. She continued to heal people with depression and the poor, hoping to fill the world with her love. Planning support activities for stay-at home children in poor areas of China, and spreading love in every corner of the world.

Joyce is erudite and determined. She carefully studies Gestalt therapy, family therapy, family constellation, Buddhism, meditation, sinology…but she is still calm and peaceful. The power of now is the essence of her life. She inculcates and guides more than 10,000 people in enterprises, groups and individuals, but tells us that “you are always the one who can free your heart”!

She is a teacher with a delicate mind, good at intimacy, potential development, consciousness awakening, mindfulness stress reduction, family therapy, emotional management…”There is a limit to my life and no limit to my knowledge” is her credo! She is Joyce Cheng, who is sensitive, delicate, always brings joy, warmth, and fills every corner of life with beauty and kindness.

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