Psychology of Vision Trainer Level 3

Mami has been involved in Psychology of Vision since 1992. She has an excellent reputation for teaching the principles of Psychology of Vision in an easy-to-understand manner for beginners to veterans.

Her gifts of beauty, tenderness, brilliance, and humour help participants to lead to the truth and bring miracles and transformation to their lives.

She teaches not only in Japan but also in Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan) and has over 10,000 graduates with 25 years of trainer experience.

Through her 28 years of married life, she is passionate about teaching how to build a happy relationship with a partner and how to make the partner successful. Her husband is also a successful seminar trainer in Japan. Many people see them as a role model for happily married couples.

With her outstanding ability of empathy, Mami brings a deep level of healing to participants.


Mami always teaches us in plain language and takes great care of participants. Her real story of her marriage assures me I’m not the only person to have trouble. She empowers women and tells me how to communicate with my partner. I was able to put into practice immediately what I learnt from Mami. My relationship with my husband has improved.
(Yuko Yamada, Administration Manager, Japan)


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