“My vision is to live with the joy of prosperity.”

Mina began learning Psychology of Vision in 2000 after having worked as a secretary for the Diet and Japanese company.

With her 19-year career as a counsellor and coach, her clients are managers, top salespersons, doctors, lawyers, tax accountants, large corporate people and their partners. She trains visionary leaders in the business world and invites them to a life full of beauty and richness, both materially and spiritually.

A compassionate woman who appreciates people’s gifts and gives confidence to every person she meets. Full of hospitality and intimacy, she is a bridge of international friendship.

She lives happily in Tokyo with her husband, daughter, and her parents.


Mina always accepts my feelings and pressure as a company owner that reassures me. I experienced lots of miracles in my life because of her sessions. My business, relationships with my wife and family have got amazingly better.
(Takashi Karasuyama, Business owner, Japan)


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