Tiffany has worked as a mentor, tutor and workshop leader supporting hundreds of creatives through learning, sharing and reflection. In 2003, as a new graduate at the University of Portsmouth, she began teaching what she had learnt and loved it. This process of learning and teaching has continued through her various leadership roles, and now through her work with Psychology of Vision. Teaching and healing is in the essence of her being, her purpose, that fulfils and rewards her through the success of those she works with. She is also an artist and parent. Finding PoV in her forties awakened a spiritual part of her life she had grown up with and then thrown away, Tiffany sees her work as reclaiming wholeness in this and all areas of life so there is more connection, flow and joy.
Tiffany loves working with the tools of PoV that bring truth to the mirage that we created in order to get our needs met. But mirage just keep us stuck in the past, give us great excuses to blame others and not be happy. But it’s all a dream, and through sharing these tools Tiffany helps you to get to the heart of your truth. From that place you can make different choices, choices to be happy, choices for forgiveness, compassion and a whole-hearted life.

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“PoV has been like hitting the ‘restart’ button on the movie of my life, going from a black and white 2D tragedy, to a technicolour 3D musical”

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