Known for being surrounded and leading people into outrageous fun while going into the very depth of healing Torsten is seeing his students as they truly are. Magic abilities around bringing in miracles support Torsten in leading without doing and bridging heaven and earth. His high sensitivity and awareness allow him to listen and tune into all levels connect with different worlds bringing in higher consciousness and uncompromisingly follow divine leadership.

Coming from the performing and visual arts he works as a university teacher of the Alexander-Technique and a trainer and coach of Psychosynthesis and Psychology of Vision specialising in embodiment. His highly transformative private phone sessions are held in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. Torsten opens up new levels of light and downloads and translate them into human experience and understanding. He offers free weekly online group session in English every Thursday morning.

Loving to teach internationally he supports peoples quest for freedom, joy, happiness, love and the beauty of self-experience and self-realization in all areas. Happily married to his husband for over a decade he lives in Cologne.

Please see below for details of Torsten’s seminars. As well as many regular workshops, Torsten runs an online joining session every Monday morning:


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