Ute loves to share enthusiasm, enjoyment of life, ease and femininity in her coachings and workshops and as she is going for the deep healing. Students and clients love Ute’s infectious, enthusiastic radiance. She seems to understand everyone and everything, so students feel safe and comforted. She manages to open spheres, only few people would go to, without any effort. Her uncompromising commitment to the light, her naturalness, optimism, humorous wisdom and unicorn energy bring in loads of grace and miracles.

Ute contacted PoV in 2002 and got so inspired and enthusiastic about this healing way that she became a Trainer in 2015. As a social worker she is working as a legal guardian for the guardianship court since 1995. Since 1997 she is a NLP-Trainer.

Together with her husband Hans she lives in the west of Germany, near Düsseldorf. She loves traveling around the world and gets inspired by meeting people. She also likes gardening, swimming and walking.

Please see below for details of Ute’s seminars.

As well as regular workshops, Ute runs a monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month: https://psychologyofvision.com/pov-event/study-and-self-healing-evenings/ and a Joining webinar on the first Monday of each month: https://psychologyofvision.com/pov-event/joining-and-self-healing-webinars/


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