Yilung Chen, has been, for many years, leading joining group sessions, giving free private sessions and workshops for a university. She has committed herself to love and healing. She has helped lots of people through these mediums and through years of charitable activities in Taiwan.

Tenderness, sweetness, and patience are just NOT the words that you’ll use to describe her AT FIRST! Oh!! I must rephrase my words though: you won’t see those characteristics when you first meet. You might say she’s full of “animal” instinct, sensitive, concentrated and passionate. Be careful! You are going to love her.

In the path of healing, she not only keeps healing herself but also make an easier and clearer way for others to learn. She lives the life of her true Self as a playful, fun and ever transforming friend who just embodies the spirit of PoV.

When friends are confused and lost, she is just like the guidance above the maze, helping them see through things and make the choice toward TRUTH, to find their power back. Meet your new friend, know her as irresistible with integrity: meet Yilong!!

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