Connect to your heart, be your true self and reach the world.

Kaori is an outgoing, gentle and elegant trainer with affinity and intelligence.

As a bilingual expert, she can fluently use Chinese and Japanese. And she has dedicated in providing trainings in leadership and corporate culture for many Chinese and Japanese enterprises. She is also an instructor in helping people acquire fast reading techniques and skills.

Since she started to learn PoV in 2014, she has been committed to her self healing and
Inner growth to keep enhancing her inner balance. She has also had a great influence on so many people whom she helped to improve their sense of self-worth and their relationships. And in 2021 she was authorized to be a PoV trainer. As for Kaori, the Earth is a ashram of love in which she feels her mission is to be 「a translator for hearts, a bridge for souls」.

She loves food, reading, travelling and scuba diving. And she has also been keen on collecting postcards since her schooldays. She always hopes to share the wonders of life with people.

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