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Nightlight Newsletter July 2024

June 29, 2024 7:17 am Published by

July 2024 Trust the unfolding this month. It’s taking you where you need to go. If you trust the Tao there is no pain or loss or scarcity. The Tao also known as the Holy Spirit is inside us. It is that aspect given to us by God that can operate in both Oneness and… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter May 2024

April 27, 2024 3:22 pm Published by

May 2024 The main theme for May is both the blossoming taking place and the joy that comes from it. There is nothing you need to do for blossoming except to enjoy it. There is nothing you need do for joy but invite and allow it. Don’t meddle or get in the way. Pushing has… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter April 2024

March 28, 2024 12:00 pm Published by

April 2024 April is a budding and building month. What opened up in March can have a solid foundation in April. The dangers that arise are really only imagined. Our true fear is turning over control of our lives to Heaven. When you were young and wounded you then took over control of your life…. View Article


Nightlight Newsletter March 2024

February 29, 2024 10:00 am Published by

March 2024 March is a month for success and initiative. Choose. Commit and embrace success frequently. Don’t be a coward. Success is meant for you. It is your birthright. Do not be distracted as distraction can easily happen. Be true to yourself. Love yourself and whatever you achieve you will enjoy. When you have reached… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter January 2024

December 30, 2023 6:07 pm Published by

January 2024 January is a month of birth and a new beginning. The births you have achieved in 2023 are anchored and made strong in this first month. Do not be dismayed if the ego throws its last vestiges of strength to try to stop you. Keep your eyes firmly on the goal. The rest… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter December 2023

November 30, 2023 5:35 pm Published by

December 2023 While some of you will have a normal month, most are about to be dealt a big hand in December. It may be a great hand or one in which it may seem as if it is the worst hand possible. If this is so, it is an important month in which you… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter October 2023

September 30, 2023 12:04 pm Published by

October For many, October is a birth month, ending the transition they have been in. For others, their transition ends in November, December, or January and some even in the beginning of February. Hang on. Your birth is coming. Great openings will occur. Much that is hidden will be revealed. In the world, in more… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter September 2023

August 28, 2023 7:26 pm Published by

September 2023 The transition continues. Stay the course. There is more to go. For most, this transition will complete sometime in October. Because of the amount of peace, light, and miracles available in September, the ego attempts to counter what’s possible with dreams, illusions and darkness, to shut away the light. But know there is… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter August 2023

July 31, 2023 5:20 pm Published by

August 2023 August can be a month of high productivity in happiness, spirituality, and relationships. It can also be a month of great distraction. You can achieve high goals, or your ego can knock you off the track by catching you in an old indulgence so you would think less of yourself. Instead, put yourself… View Article


Nightlight Newsletter June 2023

May 30, 2023 9:53 am Published by

June 2023 We are still in transition out of how the world was in 2022, and how it will be in 2024. It is a time of challenge and big waves for most. It is important to keep your nose facing into the wave if you wish to stay afloat. It is crucial to keep… View Article