Psychology of Vision UK

Bringing transformational healing to the UK since 1987

A Path
of the heart

You are more loving, lovable and powerful than you can imagine.

Our purpose is to help you to remember yourself through a process of awakening. Where you feel blocked, we help you free yourself, find the light of your joy, and bring your truth, gifts and purpose into the heart of your life.

You are awesome. Anything else is a lesson that can be seen, forgiven and transformed so you can reclaim your life, be who you came to be and succeed.

We are on your side.

Who We Are


Alex Patchett-joyce

Alex has been teaching, coaching and mentoring – helping people transform their lives in profound ways since 2008 and as a Certified Trainer of Psychology of Vision since 2011.

Alex achieves success with clients through private coaching and mentoring, through live online or physical workshops, programmes and events.

“Do you yearn for a deeper, more connected and fullfilled life with a close knit family and joyful work? The tools I use are dynamic with instant effects, this is fast-track stuff to fully embrace life.”


About Psychology of Vision

Psychology of Vision is a combination of psychology and non-denominational spirituality that helps you understand yourself and others.

It is a healing model based on bonding, helping others and an evolution of love, happiness and peace.

For You

PoV UK offers different types of events, online or in person (when COVID safe). Events are in English and work well with different time zones. To make a profound difference to your life you can join group seminars, private coaching sessions, or a combination of both. There are also short term and long-term programmes to choose from.

Our Other Programmes

Know Your Own Mind – Ten awakening sessions exploring the depths of your mind to gain insights on what is holding you back and free yourself and move past your fears

Return To Oneness – This is a year long programme that will increase your experience, knowledge and understanding of the healing tools of PoV

Shining Star –  Sessions to bring you greater awareness of the issues affecting your life right now, so you can heal them and get the sparkle back in your eyes and your life.

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