Gunther leads strongly from his heart and with great compassion due to the ‘many-sided’ experiences and challenges in his life. He succeeds in integrating the masculine wisdom and kindness that resides in him more and more into his work through his own processes.

Through his clear directness in how he approaches a goal, Gunther inspires course participants and clients alike. By showing that one can simply remove the obstacles, he guides participants to quickly and directly achieve one’s goals.

This rooted and earthy approach allows Gunther to also focus on the spiritual and open up to the mystical. Noticing the moments when consciousness expands brings Gunther close to the internalised realisation of being Spirit and connected to everything. He also brings this mystical level into processes, in which these can then resolve themselves with the universal power as if by themselves.

Friendship is essential for Gunther, and this has gained a new comprehensive meaning for him through PoV. The approach of seeing everyone through the eyes of a friend allows him to step out of himself, to stop at nothing, to be available and to stay there when he is needed. This willingness, coupled with Gunther`s humorous joy, forms the secure foundation for solutions with clients and participants.

With full enthusiasm Gunther and his wife, and PoV trainer Conny, run their joint business and heart project “connected empowers dreams”. As the name suggests, it is about the connection that empowers dreams to come true.

Connection is at the centre of Conny´s and Gunther’s partnership – in their marriage, in the connection of the feminine and the masculine and in their work, also towards their friends – the clients.

Together and individually, Conny and Gunther give seminars and offer training and coaching for individuals, couples, families and companies.

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