“The beauty of art is that it will reveal itself, all we need to do is receive. “

Ivan has been a musician and artist all his life. Classical music was the center of his upbringing and the gifts he gained from it has shaped and inspired the creative vision with which he lives his life and his healing art.

Ivan finds his greatest strength is in the feminine gifts. As a person who has always dived deep into matters of the heart, he has always had deep connections with his emotions and feelings. He applies his heart and soul into showing the world and everyone in it the beauty and poignancy that is the artistry we call life. Art has always been the expression of one’s love and desire to connect with others, and such is how Ivan conducts his healing workshops as he takes us on a spiritual journey in reconnecting with our true selves. He creates a path forward through the unconscious mind with flow and ease, and shows us the fluidity of our lives, much as the movements of a symphony flows from one to the next.

Like a piece of music, Ivan’s workshops aren’t only about getting to the end result. Just as importantly, it is about enjoying every moment of the emotional and spiritual journey. Come join him as he reveals the art of receiving the moment, the beauty of feeling the present.

Ivan was born in Taiwan and grew up in New Zealand and Australia since a young age. Therefore, not only is English and Mandarin both his mother tongue, he is also well versed in creating cultural harmony between east and west. His classes are available in both languages.

He is kind, sensitive and at the same time wild and eccentric. He is both classical music and hard rock. Forever driven by his creative vision, he is always finding fresh new ways in healing and spiritual transcendence. Your life is your masterpiece, let your brush loose on the canvas upon which your destiny will manifest. All you have to do is be yourself.

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