Certified as a Psychology of Vision Trainer in January 2003.

Leading her company as a leader she has contributed to its development. She was appointed the first female manager in a male-only sales department in an educational company in Japan.

Her great ability of mentoring people has made big differences to the relationships in the company. She also coaches for business owners. She has a perspective on what works for the whole team and is a pioneer in utilizing the feminine power in a male corporate world.

Her healing has an excellent reputation for accessing any emotion and bringing deep healing, and provides a high level of love through humor and laughter.

Her vision is helping young people to demonstrate their creativity and potential. Naoko is energetically visiting places throughout the country.


Naoko-san’s seminar affected me deeply in a positive way. The way of seeing my life has changed a lot. (Kana Tanaka, Business owner, Japan)


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